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I am currently a graduate student in the
Anthropology Department at the State University of New York at Buffalo.  I am in my 6th year of graduate school.  I am ABD (All But Dissertation), just received a grant from NSF and still not sane.  Thus far I have finished a master's project on changing attitudes and behaviors to Schistosomiasis within areas of rural China affected by the construction of the Three Gorges Dam . I am presently working with  Jiangxi University of  Finance and Economics (JUFE) Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, PRC on the completion of my dissertation, entitled: Culture change, psychosocial stress and immune function among Chinese university women. 

Research Interests:
human biology;
physical and mental effects of modernization and development;  medical anthropology; attitudes, knowledge and health acquisition behavior in changing political, economic and social landscapes; measurement of stress and social support; youth; teaching methods in anthropology; comparative primate anatomy; Peoples' Republic of China

Curriculum Vitae: pdf  , html
Article Database: In preparation for my advanced exams, I compiled a database of approximately 600 articles pertinent to my dissertation and other human biology research topics.  Please email me at randall3 at buffalo dot edu for information pertaining anything you find there.  (Full DB Download)
NSF Dissertation Grants

For those students presentaly preparing a Dissertation Improvement Grant through  Fastlane at the National Science Foundation I have compiled a document which, although specifically formulated for students at Buffalo,  could be useful advice for others as well.  poster

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Click on the picture below to read the story of how I came to work in the People's Repubic of China. 
Yangshuo 2000, PRC
    Li River, Yangshuo, People's Republic of China, February 2000

This website was made possible by the help of my close friends: Alex and Devin and my boyfriend: Andi.  Pictures of events of the last few weeks can be viewed at BASE.  Be sure to check out the blogs as well!!!

Staying Informed:

The Nation
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KNOWING the Enemy:   Be sure to listen to what the "other" side is saying!!  I am especially a fan of listening to conservative talk radio while driving long distances; it keeps the blood pressure high and the mind awake!!! 

Rush Limbaugh
G. Gordon Liddy
Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Ann Coulter

Eating Disorders:
My mother has been struggling with anorexia for over twenty years now.  Within the past few months she has found herself at war with this monster and she is winning, battle by battle.  As a family member, particularly as a daughter, it is difficult to watch, hard to understand and extremely frustrating to draw emotional boundaries.  At the age of 27 my maternal instincts have kicked in at full force, only it is with the person who should be parenting me.  She is a truly remakable woman with a disease that has started to destroy her spirit and leave nothing but a shell of the person she once was.  For anyone out there personally struggling with or watching someone with an eating disorder, please seek help or email me at randeezi at hotmail dot com.  I don't have answers or advice but I do have experiences to share.
One place to seek online help is at Something Fishy .  If you are in the Pittsburgh area PENED offers counseling and support groups for anyone affected by an eating disorder.  For beginning a discussion about the issues confronting women in the US, I recommend Lauren Greenfield's photographic essay book entitled Girl Culture

Things that make me go HMMMMMMMM????  Do I live in a cartoon???? 

This was an "editorial" published in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review
October 17, 2003

Soccer, sport of terrorists

There might just be hope for this country yet.  The recent demise of the women’s professional soccer league gives hope that two of the worst things ever to hit this country, soccer and women’s sports, may be on the decline.
Both are plagued by no interest and no attendance at every level of “competition” causing the professional league to drown in a sea of red ink.  Amateur leagues must now follow suit and be put out of their misery.  Soccer’s slow strangulation of real sports like football needed to be stopped, and it hasn’t come a minute too soon. High school football programs around the country have nearly succumbed to the foreign-sports terrorism known as soccer.
On a recent Friday night (a high school football night) in the suburbs of
Pittsburgh, I witnessed parents allowing their children to play this anti-American sport instead of exposing them to the ritual that is high school football in Western PennsylvaniaMany high school football programs are barely able to exist because young people today want to take the easy road and play the no-skill, no-work game of soccer instead of being dedicated to lifting weights and working hard in the off-season to gain the rewards of football.  Young minds and bodies are being wasted by continuing the slide into the soccer abyss.  Just look at the recent and past US failings in the World Cup as evidence that soccer is time and effort wasted.  All real Americans need to seize this opportunity to squash this game and save real sports while there is still time. 

Fred J. Harlan
New Castle

And yet another:
News of the Weird: Pittsburgh City Paper
November 19, 2003

In October, West Point, Ky., hosted 12,000 visitors for the weekend Knob Creek Gun Range Machine Gun Shoot, billed as the nation's largest, with a separate competition for flame-throwers. Especially covered is "The Line", where 60 people (waiting list is 10 years long to be admitted) get to fire their machine guns into a field of cars and boats, and during which a shooter might run through $10,000 in ammunition. Among the champions: Samantha Sawyer, 16, the top women's submachine-gunner for the last four years. One man interviewed by the Louisville Courier-Journal said he met his wife at a previous Shoot, knowing that "if she could accept flame-throwing as a hobby, she could accept anything." Said another: "This is one of those times when you know this (the U.S.) is the greatest place on Earth."

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"Everyone is entitled to a
social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized."

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 28.-1.